The Past

Cellfservices was established to provide wireless users with economically sound solutions when traveling internationally. Our cell phone unlocking services allowed us to do this and has helped to establish networks with telecom businesses worldwide. Our satisfaction guarantee was implemented to ensure client confidence as well as to build a trusted name in our community.

The Present

Due to our continuous efforts in improving and expanding our services over the years, Cellfservices has built strong partnerships with world renown corporations, blogs and other telecom related companies. We here at Cellfservices would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their continuous support. We are proud to be now an industry leader in cell phone unlocking.

The Future

We have big plans with Cellfservices! Besides continuing to further improve our mobile unlocking services, we are also aiming on expanding our portfolio to significantly more services helping mobile owners to get the most out of their devices in every possible way. There is a lot to come, so stay tuned!

Looking forward to enhance your mobile experience!

Alex & Patrick