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Samsung Unlock Codes

Samsung unlock codes make it possible to permenantly unlock your Samsung cell phone. A Samsung unlock code enables users to remove the SIM lock attached to their Samsung phone. With an unlocked Samsung cell phone or smart phone, you can use your Samsung phone on any GSM (SIM card operating) network. With Samsung phone unlocking, there is no technical knowledge needed.

Samsung unlocking only requires two things:
1.) A Samsung cell phone with a SIM card slot
2.) An 8 - 16 digit Samsung Unlock Code provided by Cellfservices

Get started by selecting your Samsung phone model.

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Samsung Unlocking

Samsung unlocking can be completed in three simple steps. The three pieces of information required to unlock a Samsung phone are...
1.) The network carrier the phone is locked to.
2.) The Samsung device model (Ex. Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant)
3.) The IMEI - The IMEI is the phone's serial number. It can be located on your Samsung phone by dialing *#06# or by looking on the sticker behind the battery.

How to Unlock Samsung

After providing the information to us, we will send the unlock code back to the e-mail address submitted with your order. If you pay with PayPal, the unlock code will be sent to your PayPal e-mail address. Along with the Samsung unlock code, you will receive detailed instructions on how to enter the unlock code. We also have some phone unlocking tutorial videos and written instructions on our free video tutorials page.

Popular Samsung Unlock Codes