Cellf Services is NOT affiliated with any wireless carrier or manufacturer. All manufacturers' trade names and images are used for reference only to describe compatibility to our products or services. No services or products on our site are connected to, endorsed by or produced by any trade name or mark holder that may be mentioned.

Legal Practice:
Cellf Services will NOT participate in any illegal activities such as altering an IMEI, PIN#, ESN # or anything else related. We will not provide information or suggestions on these activities. If your phone has been reported as being lost or stolen, we will NOT service your phone.

Unlocking a mobile device in the United States and Canada is NOT illegal and in most other countries. Please ensure that it is legal to unlock your phone in the country you reside in.

Best Price Guarantee
Our "Best Price Guarantee" guarantees you the best price on all unlock codes in our store. If you are able to find a better price from a reputable cell phone unlocking company, we will match the price and beat it by 5% of the difference. A "reputable cell phone unlocking company" will be determined at the sole discretion of Cellfservices. Additional Cellfservices coupon codes, corporate codes and/or other discount codes may not be used in conjunction with our Best Price Guarantee. Cellfservices will NOT price match with any third party, personal, and/or classifieds' listings. All Best Price Guarantees must be claimed prior to purchasing from our store. This guarantee is only valid on Cell Phone Unlock Codes within our online store listed as http://www.cellfservices.com. All price matches will be reviewed and determined by a Cellfservices agent at their sole discretion.

Code Works Guarantee
"Code Works Guarantee" guarantees that the unlock code that we send will work on your cellular device. If the code does not work, you will be refunded in full. If your cell phone is hard-locked (no more attempts remain on the mobile device) or was previously unlocked without the buyer's previous knowledge, no refund will be granted. No refunds on hard-locked and previously unlocked phones will supersede all other guarantees listed in our terms and conditions and/or any e-mails sent by a Cellfservices representative.

Refund Policy:

In the case the customer's IMEI returns as a "Not Found" code, we will offer an alternative method to have your phone unlocked or issue the customer a full refund. In the case a code is defected or does not work, we will request video evidence. The video must be one continuous video displayed in the follow sequence.

Please Note: If you have requested an unlock code for your phone, but your phone is already unlocked or if the device has already used the maximum number of attempts to unlock it, we will not be able to refund you if a code is generated. Also, refunds cannot be granted for unlock codes that cannot be entered in cellular phones which have been reported as being lost or stolen. Please ensure that your phone is locked before proceeding with the Checkout Process. Before any refund is issued, we will attempt all methods to provide you with a successful unlock code. Also, incorrect product selections cannot be refunded if an unlock code has already been sent to you or in the processing stage.

1.) Show the IMEI which is labeled on the back of the mobile device -- NOT by pressing *#06#. It is the user's responsibility to submit the IMEI correctly. Any incorrect IMEI submissions will not be refunded nor replaced IF an unlock code is calculated.
2.) Insert an unaccepted SIM card (or whichever our instructions indicates) and power on the phone.
3.) Follow the instructions to unlock your phone provided by Cellf Services
4.) Display the "Code Error" message after following all instructions properly and using the code sent by Cellf Services
5.) Upload the video to a video client such as Youtube or Metacafe
6.) E-mail us the link to your video. Please include the IMEI and Code that we provided. We will NOT download any open links or attachments sent to our e-mail address. Upon successful completion of your video, Cellf Services will issue a refund after reviewing its contents.

Incorrect Order Submissions:
It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to inquire about our services if they do not understand it properly. For example, unlocking a cell phone to use on a CDMA network will not work. Therefore, if we are able to unlock your GSM phone, a refund cannot be issued if our unlock code is processed or in the state of processing. Further, if your IMEI submission is incorrect and an unlock code is processed, your order cannot be refunded for human/customer error as that is completely out of our control. It is the customers' responsibility to submit the correct information on our web orders and will be left completely to the discretion of Cellfservices in how these errors will be handled.

Incompatibility between Phone and Desired Network:
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand or inquire about compatibility between a phone and the desired SIM card that is to be used. For example, by unlocking a GSM phone, one will not be able to use it on a CDMA or iDen network. Cellfservices is not responsible for any refund, reimbursement, credit or anything of this nature as it is impossible for Cellfservices to know which network carrier You - the purchaser would like to use. For general questions about compatibility, please contact our support team.

All mobile phones and pdas that are purchased from Cellf Services does NOT come with a warranty. After a cellular phone is unlocked, wireless carriers and/or manufacturers may void the warranty.

Cancelling an Order:
Once your unlock code is in transit, cancellation requests cannot be granted. Orders may be cancelled only if the unlock code is returned as "Not Found".