Cellfservices Wholesale

The Cellfservices Wholesale Program is dedicated to provide an Exclusive Set of Cell Phone Unlocking Solutions, including Unlock Codes, Factory Unlocking and Software Unlocking to professionals and individuals involved in Cell Phone Unlocking, Wholesale, Repair, Trading, Manufacturing and all other areas of business requiring Cell Phone Unlocking in wholesale quantity.

With over 10 years of Industry Experience, we know what our Wholesale Partners value the most: 24/7 Individual Service, Lightning-Fast Turnarounds and the Indisputably Lowest Prices on the market. 

Join now and let our Experience work for you! 


  • Exclusive Wholesale Unlocking Tools

  • Volume-Based Pricing Levels

  • Real-Time Service Status Monitoring

  • Easy Mass/Bulk-Ordering

  • Advanced Unlocking Guides & Tutorials



Benefits of our Wholesale Program

As a Cellfservices Wholesale Partner you enjoy all privileges you need to stay on top of the market! Cut-Rate Wholesale Prices and Enterprise Processing Speeds are just a matter of course for our Wholesale Partners while our all-around individual support and service enables you to focus on your business and makes Unlocking your Cell Phones a profitable, smooth and stress-free procedure.

  • Full Access to our dedicated Wholesale Terminal
  • Unlock Services for ALL unlockable devices worldwide
  • Cut-Rate Wholesale Prices on all Unlocks
  • Enterprise Processing Speeds
  • Easy Mass/Batch/Bulk-Ordering
  • Multi-Order Tracking
  • Real-Time Service Status Monitoring
  • Advanced Unlocking Guides and Tutorials
  • Unlocking Store Assets for Online Shops
  • Wholesale Blog with Service and Industry News
  • Tier Levels - The higher your volume, the lower your prices!
  • Full API Access
  • Priority Support 24/7
  • No Membership Fees

How to join?

Our Wholesale Program is aimed towards professionals and individuals involved in Cell Phone Unlocking, Wholesale, Repair, Trading, Manufacturing and all other areas of business requiring Cell Phone Unlocking in Wholesale Quantity. If you only need to unlock one device, please check our Retail Unlocking Store.

To join our Wholesale Program, just click below and set up your Wholesale Partner Account - it's free!

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Need more infos? Contact us! For all your General- / Pricing- / Bulk Order- Questions, feel free to contact us anytime directly by E-Mail or Skype