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Unlocking the Power of Choice with Your HTC Phone

Are you tired of feeling restricted by your mobile carrier? Don’t let your mobile carrier dictate your choices any longer.  With an unlocked HTC phone, you hold the power to switch networks, save on roaming charges, and maximize your device’s potential. Discover the advantages of unlocking and take control of your mobile journey. Unlocking the […]

How to Unlock the HTC One M8 with an Unlock Code

HTC’s newest flagship smartphone HTC One M8 just hit the market like a Bomb! The long awaited successor of the award winning HTC One is again featuring best-in-class materials making it the most premium feeling smartphone on the market. Want to Unlock it Right Now? No problem! The HTC One M8 can now be easily unlocked with an Unlock Code by Cellfservices! Why […]

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HTC First Unlocking Instructions

The HTC First, also known as “The Facebook Phone”, is the first Smartphone on the market featuring the brand new Facebook Home user interface. How about Unlocking it? No problem! Even with Facebook Home installed, the HTC First can be easily unlocked with an Unlock Code! Why Unlock my HTC First? Unlocking will benefit your device (and your wallet) […]

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Unlocking the HTC One with an Unlock Code

HTC’s newest Flagship SmartPhone “One” can be described with just one single word: “Wow!“. The HTC One is a Premium Device made for style-conscious lifestyle users. It looks amazing, fits well in the hand and also fulfills its premium claim in terms of performance.  In short: Right now no other Android phone can keep up with […]

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HTC Radar now easy to unlock with an HTC unlock code

HTC recently released the HTC Radar and cellfservices.com has the unlocking solution available for you here today on our blog. If you’re looking for a free solution, then you’re in the wrong place. The unlock codes that we describe and provide are manufacturer unlock codes which do not require you to install anything on your computer […]

How to use a SIM unlock code to unlock your HTC HD7

For those of you who have been following our tutorials, you know that Cellfservices.com is the place to get your unlock codes reliably and quickly. Today we are sharing with you a method to unlock one of HTC’s hottest phones ever released on the market. After the popularity of the HD2, HTC released a faster […]

How to unlock an HTC HD2 with an unlock code

The HTC HD2 is one of the many HTC phones that remains to be popular even after several years of being on the market. The phone is best known on the T-mobile USA network as well as hundreds of other networks around the world. The problem that most people face with this phone is being […]

How to unlock HTC Desire HD A9192 with unlock code

Although not well known, the HTC Desire HD with the model number as the A9192 is the World version of the AT&T HTC Inspire 4G. The phone holds very similar specifications with some slight differences. Our post last week on How to unlock HTC Inspire 4G describes quite well on how to unlock the HTC […]

How to unlock HTC Surround and HTC 7 Surround with Unlock Code

As usual, HTC has done a fantastic job in creating the HTC Surround as well as the HTC 7 Surround. For those of you in the United States, you have probably seen this phone from the AT&T Network and if you decided to sign a contract with them, then you probably got a fantastic deal […]

How to unlock HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T with an Unlock Code

AT&T released their first 4G phone a while back and what a hit it was. The HTC Inspire 4G was released to AT&T a while back and it initially seemed to be an extremely difficult battle to unlock this device. We have however been able to create our own foolproof way to unlock HTC Inspire […]

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