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Unlocking Google Pixel Series

Unlocking a phone’s SIM card allows it to be compatible with any carrier, not just the one that sold the phone originally. Whether your phone comes with a locked or unlocked SIM card depends on where you purchased it.

What is SIM Lock?

Mobile phone manufacturers include a SIM lock, also known as a network or carrier lock, in their GSM and CDMA devices. This technology restricts the phone’s usability to specific countries and networks, as service providers aim to limit competition.

When is a Google Pixel Series Phone Locked?

If your Google Pixel Series phone is locked, it means you can only use it with the carrier that sold you the phone. Unfortunately, a locked phone will not automatically become unlocked even if your contract with the provider has expired and is paid in full.

How to Determine if Your Google Pixel Series is Unlocked

You can easily find out if your Google Pixel Series phone is locked by inserting a SIM card from a different carrier and observing if the new network’s name is displayed. If it shows up, and you can use the phone, it means your device is unlocked.

Benefits of an Unlocked Google Pixel Series Phone

Network Freedom

Switching to a different carrier usually comes with the pressure to buy a new phone. However, unlocking your current device can save you money. Acquiring an unlock code is an inexpensive process that can provide long-term savings.

Hassle-Free Travels

When traveling abroad, international roaming charges can add up. To avoid these, airports often offer local prepaid SIM cards. With an unlocked Google Pixel Series, you can switch to a local SIM to prevent unexpected charges.

Unlocking Your Google Pixel Series

We recommend using Cellfservices when you’re ready to unlock your Google Pixel Series phone. Unlike other unreliable services, Cellfservices offers a trusted and verified method for unlocking your device.

Steps to Unlock Your Google Pixel Series

  • Visit: Cellfservices
  • Choose Google Pixel Series as your phone brand.
  • Input your phone’s IMEI.
  • Provide your email for confirmation.
  • Select the country and network your phone is locked to.
  • Confirm your payment and wait for an email confirmation with the unlock code.

How to Use the Unlock Code

  • Insert a SIM card from a different carrier than your original one.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the SIM unlock pin.
  • Enter the unlock code.

Congratulations, your phone is now unlocked!


Unlocking your Google Pixel Series allows you to use it with any carrier globally, offering compatibility with various networks like AT&T, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Vodafone, and etc,. This flexibility is especially beneficial for avoiding roaming charges or when you’re looking to switch carriers.

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