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How to Unlock the iPhone 4 – Official Factory Unlocking Solution

iPhone 4 Unlocking

How does the Apple iPhone 4 Unlocking work?

The Apple iPhone 4 Unlocking solution we provide is called Factory Unlocking: The IMEI (= GSM Serial) of your phone will be set to “Unlocked” directly in Apple’s Official iPhone Database, so the Unlock is applied fully remotely and does not require any modification of your phone’s firmware.

  • Is the Unlock permanent?
    Yes! Your iPhone will be permanently unlocked, even after upgrading iOS.
  • Which networks can I use with my unlocked iPhone?
    You will be able to use all GSM networks worldwide without restrictions.
  • What’s the difference between Factory Unlocking and Jailbreaking?
    Factory Unlocking is not a jailbreak or any other kind of unauthorized firmware modification, so it does not void your warranty and will not cause problems when updating your firmware at any point.
  • What if I don’t know which Network my iPhone is originally from?
    No problem! Just get an iPhone Network Check before ordering your Unlock!
  • Is Factory Unlocking Safe?
    Yes! Factory Unlocking is 100% Safe and covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Why Unlock my iPhone?

Unlocking will benefit your iPhone (and your wallet) in many ways – The Top 3 Benefits of Unlocking:

  • Use your iPhone with any GSM Network worldwide without restrictions.
  • Say “Good Bye!” to Roaming Fees by simply using local prepaid SIM Cards on travel.
  • Increase the value of your iPhone drastically when selling.

On top of all the mentioned Pros of Unlocking, there are absolutely no Side Effects on the Functionality of the phone – it just deactivates the Network Lock!

How to Unlock my iPhone 4?

Why Unlock with Cellfservices?

With over 5 Years of Experience we provide Unlocking Solutions for more than 10,000 Phone Models worldwide. Our Services are fast, easy and effective. Let our Experience work for you!

    • Permanent Unlock – Factory Unlocking unlocks your device permanently!
    • All Networks Worldwide supported.
    • 24/7 Fully Automated Order Processing & Notification by Email.
    • Lowest Price & Fastest Processing Time for all Networks!
    • No need to send your phone in – Get your iPhone unlocked fully remotely.
    • No complicated Software or Cables – Just insert new SIM and activate with iTunes!
    • No Risks of Damage or Side Effects on the phone’s firmware.
    • No Hidden or Subsequent Costs – Factory Unlocking is a single One-Time Fee!
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee – No charges for unsuccessful unlocks.
    • Live Support by Chat, Toll-Free Hotline, Skype and Email.
    • PayPal accepted!

Get your iPhone 4 Unlock now!

Any Questions? Contact Us, we are happy to help!

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