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Coronavirus Update & Special Discount – We’ve got you covered!

Coronavirus Impact - We've got you covered!

While the coronavirus continues to severely impact the daily life of everyone around the world, we at Cellfservices have taken a full set of precautionary measures to mitigate the risk of possible service interference on our end:

1. Technical Precautions

In order to ensure 100% Technical Service Availability even in case of singular component failure we added to our current backup system yet another fully redundant backup system which is hosted remotely at a Tier 4 Data Center and is serving as a comprehensive Backup-of-our-backup Solution.

2. Staff Precautions

Starting from tomorrow (Mar 16) all our Team Members will work remotely from home until further notice and are briefed on how to balance out staff shortages in case of quarantine cases among our staff. On top of that we hired two additional Support Agents (for min. 90 days) to handle eventual spikes in support requests and emergency orders.

3. Supplier Precautions

Our Top Priority is to process and deliver all orders at the highest possible speed. Therefore we have set up backup processing channels for our main services in case of  single service interruptions and keep adding new processing channels to our supplier network in order to mitigate the risk of any delays wherever possible.

4. Special Discount

While unfortunately we are not able to help fighting the virus itself we see it as a necessary matter of course to contribute at least within the scope of our capabilities by granting a 20% Special Discount on All Unlock Services with immediate effect until further notice. To redeem this Special Discount please apply Discount Code: Covid19

Stay safe and healthy – We’ve got you covered!


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